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Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

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Documents Required For EPF Registration in India

Documents Required For EPF Registration in India
Documents Required For EPF Registration in India

EPF Registration Process with Legal Piller

Process of TDS Return

To start with EPF Registration, you have to check given criteria first. It is for:

  • It is applicable if company have 20 or more employees
  • Employees whose basic pay is more than Rs. 15000 a month at the time of joining are not required to make any PF contributions
  • The Employer has to obtain the PF registration within 1 month of attainment
  • Organizations can voluntary register themselves under the act if empoyees is less than 20

Our Pricing

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Basic Plan

  • PF Registration
  • Login Generation
  • Code Generation
  • Sample Formats
  • CA/CS Support

Note: Above charges are excluding gov. fees & other charges.

Standard Plan

  • PF Registration
  • Login Generation
  • Code Generation
  • Monthly Returns
  • UAN generation
  • Upto 20 Employees
  • Salary Calculation
  • CA/CS Support

Note: Above charges are excluding gov. fees & other charges.

Premium Plan

  • PF Registration
  • ESIC Registration
  • PF Monthly Return
  • ESIC Monthly Return
  • UAN generation
  • Upto 20 Employees
  • Salary Calculation
  • CA/CS Support

Note: Above charges are excluding gov. fees & other charges.

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Partnership Firm Registration in India

What is EPFO & ESIC Registration Online?

EPF Registration

PF Registration online refers to Employees' Provident Funds where they can contribute some portion of their salary and employers are also required to contribute some amount on behalf of employees. The purview of EPF Registration comes under Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) which regulated by Employees' Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. EPFO is the world's largest Social Security Organisation which works for workers' welfare. In general terms, EPF is normally a benefit that employees got after their retirements.

ESIC Registration

Employees' State Insurance (ESI) Scheme is a social insurance plan established by the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948. This scheme seeks to safeguard the interests of the employee or worker when conditions or events are not anticipated. The ESIC is an impartial frame created through the regulation under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. The ESI scheme provides social security to the workers. Employers and employees contribute a percentage of employee's wages towards ESI every month. With years of expertise.

More Details

Tax Benefits

Provides Tax benefits to both Employee and Employers as contributions to EPF and ESI are tax deductible which reduces taxable income. Employers also receive tax benefits for contributing to EPF and ESI.


Employee Welfare

EPF and ESI social security schemes provide employees with financial security and health benefits. EPF ensures employees have a retirement corpus, while ESI provides for medical benefits.


Reduced Financial Burden

ESI provides a safety net for employees in medical emergencies. It covers hospitalization, maternity, disability, and related expenses.


Dedicated Online Support

Our team is committed to providing ongoing support, ensuring that you remain in compliance with all relevant regulations, all accessible through our convenient online platform.

Benefits of EPF & ESIC Registration Online


Legal Compliance

EPF and ESI registration is mandated by the government for those companies which are falling under prescribed rules in India.


Beneficial for Employees

EPF & ESIC is a long-term savings scheme that helps employees accumulate a corpus for their retirement.


Avoidance of Legal Hassles

Failure to register for EPF and ESI can lead to legal issues, including fines and potential business closure.


Tax Benefits

Contributions to EPF and ESI are tax deductible. This helps in reducing their taxable income for employees. Employers also receive tax benefits for contributing to EPF and ESI.


Create Goodwill

Organizations who are enrolled under these registrations usually shows that they care for their employees, which create a good impact on employees.


Simple & Easy Compliances

Compliances of EPF & ESIC registrations are not tough, simple calculation is required to identify the part of contribution.

Which Industries require PF ESI Registration?

In India, the Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI) registration are mandatory for certain industries where the number of employees crosses a specified threshold. These registrations are aimed at providing social security benefits to employees. Industries that typically require PF and ESI registration include:


Medium & Big Industries

PF & ESIC Registration may require for thses kind of industries, however, companies and organizations are exempt upto 20 employees.


Industries Seeking Government Tenders

In most of cases it seems that the companies putting government tender and there is involvement of various employees of company to fulfil the tender requirement, may require to take PF/ESIC registration.


Manufacturing & Construction

Factories engaged in manufacturing processes often require PF and ESI registration. Construction companies, contractors, and firms involved in large-scale construction projects need to register for PF and ESI having a certain number of workers.


Manpower or staffing companies

Manpower providers like hospitality business companies, Retail, IT/ITES and Services, Textile manufacturing units, and garment factories employing a specific number of individuals are required to register for PF and ESI.


Transportation and Logistics

Companies engaged in transportation, logistics, and related services may require these registrations as well.

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PF registration is the process by which an employer registers with the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to provide benefits like provident fund, pension, and insurance to their employees.

Any organization or entity employing 20 or more employees is required to register for PF. However, voluntary registration is also possible for entities with less than 20 employees.

No, PF registration is the responsibility of the Employer. Employees automatically become members once the Employer registers with the EPFO.

Employers can register for PF online through the EPFO's Unified Portal. They must provide details about the organization, employees, and supporting documents.

The registration process typically takes 15-20 working days, but this can vary based on the workload of the relevant government authorities.

The process generally involves creating a login on the Unified Portal, filling out the required information, submitting supporting documents, and generating an acknowledgment.

The ESI scheme is a complete social security program that was created to fulfill the purpose of socially safeguarding employees of the organized sector against disability, sickness, maternity, or death as a result of injuries to the workplace.

Who needs to be eligible for ESIC registration?

The ESIC scheme doesn't cover those who work or who have a salary of greater than Rs.21,000 per month. In the case of someone who has disabilities, the maximum salary is the equivalent of Rs. 25,000.

The insured employee and their family members can avail medical benefits as of the first day of beginning the insurance coverage.

Yes, it is the legal responsibility of the Employer under Section 2A in the Act in conjunction with regulation 10-B to declare their Factory Establishment or establishment by the ESI Act within 15 days from the date that they apply to them.

The ESI Act of 1948 provides that an establishment with over ten workers working in the business pays a maximum salary of Rs.21,000 per month. Employees must apply for ESI approval per the ESI Act within 15 days.

In the case of 6.5 percent of ESI contribution, only 1.75 percent is deducted from the employee's pay while the rest is paid to the company.

The government introduced various health benefits for low-income families. The families covered by the NHPS scheme can avail of medical facilities for medical treatments and their children.

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