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Documents Required for Online Company Registration In India

Documents Required for Partnership Firm in india
Documents Required for Partnership Firm in india

Process of Online Company Registration

Process of Online Company Registration

Requirements for Online Company Registration

Before going for registration of Partnership Firm, you must have proper idea about its features, which are here as -

  • Min 2 Director Required.
  • Atleast 1 Indian Resident should be.
  • No Minimum Capital Required.
  • Can Register at Residential Plase also.
  • Process is 100% Online.
  • Applicant Must be 18 years or above.
  • Company Name Must be Unique.
  • 2 to 15 Director can be there.
  • Upto 200 Shareholders can be there.

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Basic Plan

  • 2 DIN & DSC
  • PF & ESIC
  • MOA & AOA
  • CA Support
  • Bank A/c Opening

Note: Above charges are excluding gov. fees & other charges.

Standard Plan

  • All Include in Basic
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • TM Consultation
  • Bank A/c Opening

Note: Above charges are excluding gov. fees & other charges.

Premium Plan

  • All in Starndard
  • INC 20A
  • Auditor Appointment
  • Bank A/c Opening
  • ROC Suppport*
  • GST Support*

Note: Above charges are excluding gov. fees & other charges.

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Partnership Firm Registration in India

What is Online Company Registration?

Online Company Registration, also known as business registration or incorporation, is the official process of creating a new company. It's like giving birth to a legal entity that's separate from the people who own it. In India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) makes sure this process follows the rules laid out in the Companies Act 2013 and other related laws. When a company gets registered, it becomes its own legal person. That means it can do things like sign contracts, own things, and be responsible for its own debts. And all of this is separate from the personal stuff of the people who own the company.

More Details

Ministry Governed Entity

Companies which are formed under Companies Act, 2013 are governed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs itself.


Better Opportunity in Market

Company Registration in India get better opportunity in market to attract customers as compare to sole proprietorship, partnership or other registration types.


100% Online Process

Now Registration of company in India become easy due to its 100% online process. Just sit at your place, submit documents and Relax.


Capable to protect Brand

It also helps in protecting your brand in market due to its central registry. Once a Company Registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, no other person can register with exact name with MCA.

Benefits of New Company Registration


Legal Recognition

Register Company gives it legal status as a separate entity. This means that the company can enter into contracts, own property, and be held liable for its debts and obligations, separate from the personal assets of its owners.


Limited Liability

Many business owners register their companies as limited liability entities to protect their assets from business-related debts and legal liabilities. Their assets are generally shielded in case of financial problems or lawsuits.


Create Credibility

A registered company often appears more credible and trustworthy to customers, suppliers, and investors. It can enhance the company's reputation and facilitate business relationships in market.


Easy Fund Access

Registered companies may have better access to various funding sources, such as bank loans, venture capital, or angel investors. Investors often prefer to invest in legally established entities.


Lower Tax Rates

Depending on the type of business entity and the jurisdiction, registered companies may enjoy tax benefits or advantages. These can include lower tax rates, deductions, or eligibility for certain tax credits.


Global Expansion

For businesses looking to expand internationally, company registration may be necessary to establish a legal presence in other countries, allowing for international trade and operations.

Different Types of Company Registration.

There are various types of company registrations that individuals and businesses can choose from depending on their goals, size, and location. The specific types and names of company registrations can vary by country and jurisdiction. Choosing the proper structure of online company registration is crucial for a business. Before initiating any Company Registration Process, you must have a clear vision about the proper structure of company registration. If you plan to start a financial business according to which you will lend and accept money from the market, then you must go for LLP Registration. Another example is that a Private Limited Company or LLP / OPC can't perform chit-fund business activity.

More Details

Sole Proprietorship

  • Simplest form of registering business. 
  • Owned and operated by a single individual.
  • Owner is responsible for business debts & liabilities.

Private Limited Company

  • Most Popular amongst young entrepreneurs
  • Bring maximum flexibility
  • high credibility due to its registration with Gov.

Limited Liability Partnership

  • An LLP is a famous choice for small businesses.
  • offers limited liability protection to its owners 
  • It attracts lower compliance burden

Non-profit organization

  • Formed for non-profit purposes.
  • Often have tax-exempt status.
  • Can not generate profits.

Public Limited Company

  • Operated by public shareholders.
  • Better for those who take money from public
  • Govern by Companies Act 2013

Co-operative Societies

  • Operated by its members for their own benefits.
  • Can be formed for various purpose.
  • It is also a non profit organization type.

Offshore Company

  • Registered outside india.
  • Benefit for Tax Exmptions
  • Mostly registered in tax Heaven countries.

Foreign Subsidiary

  • Registered by Foreign National.
  • For Setting up Business in India.
  • Governed under Indian Law.

Holding and Subsidiary Companies

  • Shares are taken by another company.
  • Controls ownership of another company.
  • One will be holding & second will be Subsidiary.

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Company registration, also known as business registration or Incorporation, is the legal process of forming a company or business entity, which is recognized as a separate legal entity from its owners. This allows the company to engage in various business activities and transactions.

Registering your company provides legal protection, separates personal and business assets, enhances credibility, and enables you to access various benefits and opportunities, such as tax benefits, funding, and contracts.

The types of business entities vary by country, but standard options include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, and non-profit organization.

The choice of business structure depends on factors such as your business goals, liability preferences, taxation, and regulatory requirements. It's better to consult with a legal or financial advisor to make an informed decision.

The registration process typically involves selecting a business name, preparing and filing registration documents, paying registration fees, obtaining required licenses or permits, and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

The time it takes to register a company varies by country and business structure. In some places, it can take a few days, while in others, it may take several weeks or months.

Business name reservation is securing a specific business name for your company before officially registering it. This ensures that no one else can use that name while you complete the registration process.

Many jurisdictions require a registered agent, for receiving legal documents and official notices on behalf of the company. This ensures that the company can be reached for legal matters.

How do Legal Pillers ensure the quality of the work?

Legal Pillers has authentic legalized software where one can check the name availability for a New Company. This is the most crucial step to follow. It helps to cease the unnecessary legal problems that might occur. Since most of the time, Companies have trademarks on their company name. Use our free tool to make an organic Company name and avoid clashes.

More than 12000 companies were registered in January 2023 published by The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), in its monthly newsletter for January 2023. The report states that the number of companies that the Companies Act registered was 24 61,937.

9 04,723 companies were closed, and 7,110 were in liquidation.

There are 15 17,008 active companies, including the 2 58,850 companies registered within the last 18 years.

Twelve thousand one hundred sixty-six businesses, including 769 One Person Companies (OPCs), were registered in January 2023.

Our expert tax consultants have registered the most number of companies throughout the country. They make sure to provide all the paperwork under government guidelines. We respect your privacy. All your data is secured with Legal Pillers.

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